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Saturday, February 19, 2011

E`edge is amazing!

Well Friday was the beginning of the family reunion trip for Keller Williams in California. On the flight out from Dallas I sat next to a young man from Ashville North Carolina who was in on the Beta test for E`edge and “WOW” was it a great experience for me. The E`edge platform is going to simplify an agents life more than I ever realized. It will of course replace our present paperless system in Tyler and Dallas County, but is very simple and easy to use to say the least. Electronic signatures will become the norm and most everything is integrated to pull your contracts and listing info directly to you greensheet. It gives the other agent, even if they are not with KW the opportunity to complete the transaction in the paperless system, or they can just print it. If they print it the KW agent can just scan it back into the system and resume the paperless transaction to completion. Each agent will get another website and email address that will be the collection point for everything from everywhere. Leads, emails, contracts, everything will forward (feed) to one point. They actually had me set up mine today and I was amazed how easy I completed the entire process. It took less than 5 minutes and everything I used to have to go to several places to look at, was right there before my eyes. Every agent will be able to go live on Monday with E`edge and should do so immediately and then just play with the features to see how it will help you.
More to come,


Mike Gugar said...

Looking forward to this awesome advantage. I can't wait to get this on line and start working with it. Thanks for the update. Please continue to share through the week.

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