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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Are discount brokers good for the seller?

Are you really doing the right thing for your seller? Had an agent come to me this morning and we had a discussion on a home she just showed that was listed at a deep discount of 1% to the buyer’s agent. This is becoming more and more prevalent in the market today and while most feel it is a problem I feel it is something that will eventually blow up in the discounters face. After investigating the listing I came to a conclusion that the seller is being taken advantage of. You see our agent did the right thing and showed the home, but in the real world most agents would pass on this showing. I know we should show the home, but really why would another agent base their entire business plan on taking advantage of the entire real estate community? This home has already been on the market 180 days longer than any home in the neighborhood that sold in the last 2 years. Keeping in mind it’s a $550,000.00 home, that could be close to $ 30,000.00 in additional payments and taxes the seller has paid. That would be, ugh, 6% and it’s still not sold. Then take into account what negotiations might be like with a seller who is this “intelligent!” It reminds me of the saying;” a fool and his money are soon parted.” Or as W.C. Fields said, “they were lucky to get together in the first place!” Did the agent do the right thing? Clearly no, but when a seller uses a discount broker, they get what they paid for or dare I say deserve. In this case $30,000.00 in loses so far with no end in sight.